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What would you do if you lost every ability you ever had?

Over the last months, I have been busy with writing a book about reaching incredible heights in spite of extreme odds.

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“The safest place in a car is behind the driver,” my brother once quoted some research, but once again, I proved to be a statistical exception. Earlier that morning, I had opted to occupy that exact place in a white Toyota Corolla, a type so old that it didn’t even have headrests or seat belts in the back of the car. A bus then hit us from the passenger side. My friend next to me got hurled towards me. I got crushed between him and the door on my side. As our car started spinning another car flung into us.

When I woke up, I discovered that I was robbed. Nobody could understand what I was trying to say. I could not read, write, or walk. Nor could I bring a fork to my own mouth. Even my short term memory was stolen. Permanent brain damage was staring me in the face.

Fast forward ten years. This memoir is about everything that led to my recovery and what I learned from the recovery process. Sharing openly and candidly about the struggles I faced, taboos I experienced, and how I eventually got to doing everything I had dreamed of, but what nobody thought possible after that fateful day.